“Making the reader laugh is the ultimate test of engagement.”

About Eggplant Emoji

Eggplant Emoji, the world’s premier comedy literary magazine, is focused on delivering the funniest short fiction every year. Comedy, as a genre of fiction, has been completely over-looked by the literary world, creating a void that is being filled by this one-man-operation, independent publication. Featuring a growing list of hilarious emerging authors, Eggplant Emoji is the underdog literary magazine to look out for.

During the Call for Submissions for Eggplant Emoji Volume 2, one-hundred and fifteen (115) stories were submitted by ninety-nine (99) different authors, proving that comedy is a genre that writers and readers alike are hungry for more of. We are proud to present the strongest comedic voices we can find.

Laughter is the ultimate test of engagement, which is why the first goal of Eggplant Emoji is to make the reader laugh. Our second goal, is to show that comedy is a serious genre, with as much potential as any other to produce captivating prose that speaks to the human condition. We hope to inspire more authors to write comedy, and more comedians to write prose.

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