About Eggplant Emoji

“Making the reader laugh is the ultimate test of engagement.”

About Eggplant Emoji

Born out of the Bucks County Writers Group, Eggplant Emoji was created for the sole purpose of making people laugh. We found that while many anthologies and literary journals published comedic short fiction for a mature audience, very few (if any) focused on publishing the kinds of stories that made us, as a group, laugh out loud.

We found it a shame that the hilarious work of such incredibly talented authors would otherwise be unpublished, not for lack of quality or level of engagement, but simply because no outlets are committed to publishing the finest comedic fiction. Eggplant Emoji is here to fill that void.

Featuring short, character-driven stories, Eggplant Emoji is designed to be easy-to-digest and engaging; as making the reader laugh is the ultimate test of engagement. With a new anthology published annually, you can expect the most culturally-relevant stories in each addition, weaving into the matrix of pop culture. 

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