Eggplant Emoji Volume 1: Humor for the Culturally Refined

12 Outrageous Stories From 10 of the Funniest Authors

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From Tinder dates gone wrong to space gods dealing galactic justice, Eggplant Emoji presents biting comedic fiction steeped in contemporary pop culture. Whether facing the reality of impotence or the cringe of being in middle school, these stories redefine how fun reading can be. Cast with engaging characters withstanding hilarious situations, this anthology is packed with punchlines and subverts expectation at every turn.

Eggplant Emoji Volume 2: Thicker, Longer, and More Uncut

13 Ludicrous Stories from 11 Hilarious Authors

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Eggplant Emoji is bigger and bolder with the funniest short fiction anthology of the year. Be amazed at how fun reading is with these punchy stories, filled, nay packed to the sh!t, with laughter. Read it ironically at first for the sheer novelty of the phallic cover, but then realize how earnest and human the stories are, fall in love with the humor, and make it your whole identity. Or just casually read a story when you need a good chuckle. Whatever you want, I’m DTF.

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